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24 June 2009 @ 03:59 pm

The Basics
Name: Carita / Usakko
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Country: Finland
Would you like a girlfriend or a boyfriend? A boyfriend, please.
Who were you stamped as previously? Do you agree with the votes?: Iris. I guess I am like her thought nowadays I've gotten a bit more self-esteem compared to the time when I did the application so I may not be as much like her as I used to.

Links to three applications you have voted for:

Your Personality
5 positive words that describe you:
- Open-minded
- Calm
- Laid-back
- Friendly
- Dreamy (not sure if that's good though... :'D)
5 negative words that describe you:
- Lazy
- Quiet
- Absent-minded
- Cautious
- Introverted
Likes: Well I natuarlly like my hobbies but also musicals, different languages (and accents) and cultures, fanfiction and manga (though those could be counted as reading), animals (especially cats) and rain.
Dislikes: Waking up early, dentists and needles. Racists, people who think almost all the time negatively and/or whine about everything.
Sports/Hobbies/Talents: I used to do kendo but I'm kinda on hiatus for this year. I don't do sports that much anymore. I like walking and badminton though... I guess my only "real" hobby at the moment is playing flute. But I like to be on a computer and read a lot. I guess I'm fairly good at foreign languages. I can play flute and sing fairly well.
Fears: Dentist, needles, death. (In the nutshell.)
Strengths: I'm pretty open-minded and friendly. My friends say I have a sense of humour though I think it's kinda odd. Maybe we just have same kind of sense of humour... Altough I'm lazy I get things always done (but on the last minute). I can also be determined if I really decide to do something.
Weaknesses: I'm extremely lazy. I'm a little quiet / shy / reserved but I think that people usually think that I'm just boring. I'm a sore loser. At times I'm bad at making decisions. I have the worst name memory. I still can't remember all people on our class. (Well, I don't speak with them too much but still.) I often forget what I was saying in the middle of sentance and space out (the last one mostly in the school).
What do you value the most in a partner?: A sense of humour and the generally ability to make me smile and feel content and loved.

I am...
Optimistic or Pessimistic: I'd say I am optimistic though I have my pessimstic moments.
Quiet or Talkative: Quiet though at times I can get really talkative with people who are really close to me.
Leader or Follower: Usually I do things alone. (It's not that I hated groups but I often don't dare to ask if someone would take me in theirs and I usually manage to do things just fine by myself.) But if I was put in to a group I'd most likely be a follower. I still can take the reins though if nobody's going to lead.
Emotional or Rational: This is really tricky one. I can be emotional but also rational when it's necessary. But I guess on the whole I'm more emotional. People usually see me as more rational though.
Immature or Mature: Mostly mature but I know when I can act immature too.
Large crowds or Small Groups: I'm fine with both but I guess I like small groups a little more. I tend to be quiter in larger groups.
Outgoing or Shy: Calm but in this case too I often act quite hyper when I'm with my friends or mother.

Character from PW: Phoenix, Edgeworth, Maya, Ron, Gumshoe and many many side characters. (Actually I like every character in some way...)
Character from AJ: Apollo, Trucy, Phoenix... (I don't hate anyone from this game either...)
Color: Green and red.
Season: Spring
Food: I could say all unhealthy but I'm not really that picky... I guess that pizza's my favourite.
Book: Um... I'm not sure which would be my favourite but I liked Howl's Moving Castle, The Phantom of the Opera and Memoirs of a Geisha...
Movie: I don't watch movies that much... Probably some musical like The Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Sweeney Todd or My Fair Lady. I liked Amélie and A Little Princess too.
Video Game: Ace Attorney and The Legend of Zelda series (really usual ones aren't they). Fatal Frame (or Project Zero) is really interesting series too.

My match would be..
Optimistic or Pessimistic: More optimistic but still realistic. He can have his pessimistic moments too though...
Active or Lazy: It doesn't matter really... But if he wouldn't let me be lazy at times I'd get probably get stressed.
Quiet or Talkative: Someone I can talk to and who can talk to me but who doesn't have to talk all the time. (So something in the middle.)
Leader or Follower: Leader
Emotional or Rational: Rational but not compeletely emotionless.
Immature or Mature: Mature but he should still have a sense of humour.
Impulsive or Logical: Something in the middle logical but impulsive if there's need to.
Tough or Mellow: A bit more to the mellow side. Too tough might be scary... (Though I guess it would be good that he'd be able to be though if the situation calls for it.)
Large crowds or Small Groups: It really doesn't matter but I guess small groups would be nice...
Artistic or Scientific: Both are just fine wiith me. It really doesn't matter, does it?
Outgoing or Shy: A bit more outgoing than me but not overly so would be good. (Being more outgoing than me isn't that much really... :'D)
Calm or Hyper: I'd say calm.

My ideal love would be: Just someone who I can feel comfortable with and I like and who likes me. Kind and loyal though I think an ideal love can be told just by listing adjectives...
Traits that i don't like in a person: Selfish, aggressive, rude and mean.
Describe what your first date would be like: I'd probably make him decide what we'd do... but talking, taking a walk and going to eat somewhere or something like that would be fine with me.

Describe yourself/post a picture or two: I have dirty blonde hair with bangs, blue-green-gray eyes, 168cm (about 5'5"), glasses. The expressions often blank (at least in photos) though I usually try to smile.
One character you would absolutely NOT like to be matched with: I wouldn't want to affect to the votes... And I really can't think of one at the moment... :'D

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↣starlord on June 28th, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
I can't really explain why, but for some reason I think you and Edgeworth would make a pretty good couple. He seems to fit most of the things you listed in My match would be.. section, even the sense of humor, though it might be unintentional ["Psycho-lock?"].
Ferdinand Lanceferdielance on July 2nd, 2009 02:51 am (UTC)
Larry would fall for you; I doubt you would fall for Larry. So that's flat out. Edgeworth seems a little too intense and intimidating ("too tough might be scary", and look at how he treated Adrian Andrews on the stand), and Lana Skye fits, but isn't a guy.

Gregory would be a great fit, if we knew more. If we go by the assumption that Gregory is basically Atticus Finch, then yes, that works. I'm going to say the fanon Gregory Edgeworth.
mister_monday: Dr. Who - dying in your armsmister_monday on February 6th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
I agree Gregory Edgeworth he might chivvy you along a bit too much for your liking if you were being very lazy but he is mature, rational, a leader, more of a father figure than an authority figure, calm but still able to hold a good conversation. I would hazard a guess that he could also bring you out of your shell, for dinner parties and such like :)