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06 February 2010 @ 07:17 pm
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I have not officially been stamped although my application has been up for some time now, so if this is really not allowed it can be deleted by a moderator. Just curious to see who I'd get - and also to inject a little more life into the community.

On a seperate note - affiliate with gyakusai_rating another community for Phoenix Wright (not Apollo Justice unfortunately)? Thanks ♥  


The Basics
Name: Rowan Hawes
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Country: England
Would you like a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Boyfriend please
Who were you stamped as previously? Do you agree with the votes?: The majority (although only by two votes) is for Dahlia Hawthorne, which I suppose I can agree with. I don't think much of her personality wise but certain character traits do fit.

Links to three applications you have voted for:
1. http://community.livejournal.com/attorney_rate/21999.html#cutid1
2. http://community.livejournal.com/attorney_rate/21506.html
3. http://community.livejournal.com/attorney_rate/21320.html

Your Personality
5 positive words that describe you: Confident, charismatic, polite, charming and intelligent.
5 negative words that describe you: Arrogant, manipulative, snobbish, vain and materialistic
Likes: Football, rugby, cocktails, cigars, night clubs, cowboy hats, policeman outfits, glow sticks, classical music, New Scientist, early mornings, late nights, having something to do, being right, venetian masks, matching underwear, the smell of woodsmoke, cordite, reference books on German politics during WW2, forensic science, culture, wine, warm fires, waking up and finding it snowed in the night, kimonos, hot baths, sleeping naked, early morning showers, popular science, politics, Westminster, having important work placements, scientists, people who remind me of my father, inside jokes, political comedies, black humour, schadenfreude, the German language, philosophy, theology, debating, horse riding and sailing.
Dislikes: Being late, having nothing to do, bad manners, people talking with their mouths full, golf, snooker, cricket, lazy people, little children screaming in public, being ill, fish, spiders, being tickled, being bored, people taking all the covers, cholestoral laden foods, ignorant people, people walking behind me and uninformed opinions.
Sports/Hobbies/Talents: Shooting (I have a license to hold a firearm), horse riding, sailing, badmington, singing, sprinting, debating, public speaking, I am an inordinately fast typer, I have a photographic memory and I am ambidextrous and double jointed.
Fears: Having nothing to do - there is nothing in the world worse for me than being bored. I also have an irrational fear of people walking behind me and I fear illness - I will never admit I am ill until I am dragged into hospital to recover.
Strengths: Open minded, charming, charismatic, eloquent, polite, decisive, friendly, punctual, perfectionist, hard working, responsible, ambitious, analytical, perceptive, persuasive, individual, intelligent, interesting, quick witted, I don't take life too seriously, fun loving, realistic, knowledgable, organised, practical, dedicated, patient, motivated, likes taking risks, optimistic, wise, reasonable, ridiculously confident and I have a very good outlook on life.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, vain, narcassistic, proud, arrogant, I hold very high standards, shallow, overly talkative, I have a very cruel and inappropriate sense of humour, obsessive, manipulative, materialistic, sarcastic, extravagant, snobbish, flippant, selfish, self absorbed, good liar, jealous, perverted, cold, neurotic, paranoid, patronising, I have a superiority complex, weird, fussy, high maintenance, demanding, snarky, opinionated, easily bored, emotionally detached, overly analytical, snappish, bossy, misogynistic and domineering
What do you value the most in a partner?: Intelligence and good looks. I can't deal with stupid people who don't work on the same level as me - they need to hold my high standards and expect those same high standards of me, I want them always looking their best and they should have a whole life of their own. It makes them more interesting - a bit of emotional detachment is also good, it tends to make me more interested in them if I think they don't like me or are ignoring me. Lets just say I'm a masochist withing certain limits.

I am...
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic! No point worrying about things - life really is too short to be miserable.
Quiet or Talkative: Talkative, in fact I don't shut up. Except for when I'm working - then I go into work mode and am not to be disturbed.
Leader or Follower: Leader but I follow men in a relationship - I believe in being subservient.
Emotional or Rational: Rational, the world is a rational place. I don't fit the emotional female stereotype in a relationship, that kind of thing annoys me.
Immature or Mature: Mature almost to the point where it's scary but this doesn't mean I'm boring. I love going for nights out clubbing and drinking and I know how to have fun more than most people I know.
Large crowds or Small Groups: Both - large groups are good for partying but I like spending individual time with people or just a small get together with a few friends.
Outgoing or Shy: Outgoing but I don't go up to people and introduce myself (outside business matters) instead they'll probably get to know me by my outrageous comments and I'll naturally get talking to them. I don't often make the effort with people.

Character from PW: Angh, I have to say Manfred (closely followed by Engarde and Godot) I always seem to like the undesirables.
Character from AJ: Klavier - although the incessant guitar playing does get a bit annoying.
Colour: Pink or white
Season: I like them all for different reasons - Winter because of Christmas carols, snow, mulled wine, midnight mass and torchlight processions. Spring for the beautiful weather and signs of new life. Summer for the glorious weather which I can take lots of coastal walks in and being able to wear nice clothes. Autumn for the smell of woodsmoke, the falling leaves and mist.
Food: I don't know but at the moment I want a cornetto.
Book: Good lord, I've read so much in my lifetime I couldn't possibly choose. I have very little imagination so I tend to read reference books on history and science.
Movie: Pans Labyrinth is an amazing film but I also like Bladerunner, Hot Fuzz, Silence of the Lambs, In the Loop, Damned United and many others.
Video Game: Final Fantasy - but mostly video games are a waste of time for me, I get bored of them too easily.

My match would be..
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Realist - I don't mind a pessimist either. I can be optimistic enough for two people. But they shouldn't be an idealist, they need to be good at making decisions and very decisive otherwise I'll go mad.
Active or Lazy: ACTIVE. A lazy person would make me go mad, and I'd feel bad if they weren't a work-a-holic like me. They should always have a full schedule.
Quiet or Talkative: Not as talkative as me otherwise that would be awkward. I don't mind if they roll their eyes and retreat behind their paper, I am quite happy with my own company. So someone in between who can hold a good, meaningful conversation about current affairs, politics, science, business, philosophy or anything else that takes their fancy but they should also like silence and should be perfectly happy in their own company.
Leader or Follower: Leader - I could NOT make do with a weak man. I am a submissive person in a relationship but only if they have a more dominant personality than me.
Emotional or Rational: Rational - I am of the firm view that men should never cry, it would scar me for life. 
Immature or Mature: Mature but I don't mind them teasing me occasionally
Impulsive or Logical: Logical, I can be impulsive sometimes but only within strict boundaries. They should plan things in advance and forewarn me if these plans involve me.
Tough or Mellow: Tough, I like strong men but not wife beaters.
Large crowds or Small Groups: Small groups but they need to let me go out and party occasionally.
Artistic or Scientific: Scientific, I have no creativity or imagination and I'd envy them if they did. Plus then they can read New Scientist with me and discuss politics, science and business, so we'll always have things to talk about. It would be nice if they had an interest in fine art and classical music though, I have a good eye for paintings even though I can't paint to save my life. I like someone of culture but who is professionally scientific. 
Outgoing or Shy: I scare shy people (and they scare me, I don't know what to say to them) but in your face people irritate me. So again, somewhere inbetween, they should be polite and friendly to people (I don't want someone rude) but not massively outgoing.
Calm or Hyper: Calm, I don't want a migraine.

My ideal love would be: sensible, practical, pragmatic, good looking, strong willed, dominant, secretely perverted (so I wouldn't feel too bad), no nonesense, intelligent, interesting, punctual, organised, a perfectionist and always able to surprise me.
Traits that I don't like in a person: narrowminded, clingy, hyper, immature, weak, indecisive, boring, bad mannered, rude, uninformed, stupid, one dimensional, soppy, romantic, naive and I think you get the idea.
Describe what your first date would be like: A nice Mexican meal with cocktails (Margaritas and Martinis all around) or a bottle of red wine with good conversation about all the topics under the sun that they were interested in. They'd have to dress smartly though.

Describe yourself/post a picture or two: yes, sorry for the scary gothness

One character you would absolutely NOT like to be matched with: Someone like Larry or Gumshoe, and I also have to say Gant. He reminds me of a child molestor. Although I want people to vote on what they think, not on what I want.

And, that's it! Please tag your post !unstamped and continue to vote!

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