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Attorney ☆ Rate

// a Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice stamping comunity

the {Ace Attorney } stamping community
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stamping community for the ace attorney/gyakuten saiban games!

Welcome to Attorney-Rate, a phoenix wright/apollo justice stamping community! Please enjoy your stay and have a good time :3 Just follow a few simple rules:

Before applying for other themes please make sure you have been stamped on your regular application, first! Also, wait for your application to be stamped before applying for another.
Voting: please vote for 3 other applications (if possible) before posting your application! You do not need to be a member to vote, but join before posting your application! You may vote someone as ANY character from the series!
Stamps: When you vote, please specify whether the character is from AJ or PW; ex. you can vote for Young!Mia, and AJ!Phoenix :)
Please tag you entry '!unstamped', okay?
Restamp: You may apply for as many restamps as you wish ♥ (please wait until after you are stamped).

More themes such as matchmaker, mirror, bff, and rival are planned once the community gets more members!
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